024: Simple Items to Help You in the Kitchen

[Podcast] Simple Items to Help You in the Kitchen - Episode 24

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house. You start your day there. You create memories with families members there. You let your kids try out crazy science experiments there. It is am important room to be sure! Today, I've got a few simple gadgets for you to consider to make your experience in the kitchen a little bit easier!

Question of the Week

Question: I am thinking of “cutting the cord” and canceling my cable or satellite subscription. What is a good streaming device to use?

Answer: Hands down my recommendation for this situation is the 4th Generation Apple TV. It is by far the most accessible streaming box out there. There are some tradeoffs, such as no internet browser. But, the accessibility features are unmatched. And, if ou are familiar with the gestures of Voice Over on iPhone or iPad, it will be simply to use. If you are looking to get into “cutting the cord”, the Apple TV is well worth it!

A Little Help in the Kitchen

Even if you aren't the greatest chef in the world, chances are that you will find yourself preparing a meal at some point in your life. While sight loss can make things a little more challenging in this regard, it is in no way impossible to have a good time cooking. Here are a few items you can check out to make things more accessible for you!

  1. Nuwave Oven
    1. Nuwave Review Video
    2. Nuwave Demonstation Video
  2. Dry Measuring Cups
  3. Light and Dark Cutting Boards
  4. Double Spatula
  5. Talking Timers and Thermometers

Here is a video I did a while back that talks about some things in the kitchen as well!

Notable News

I wanted to let you know that my coaching page is now updated to offer you the opportunity to schedule a session with me for individual, couple or family coaching. Simply click the button that says “schedule a session” and sign up for a time that works for you. After that, I'll contact you more information. I look forward to connecting!

Work of the Week


As visually impaired people, one of our great concerns is if something is going to be accessible to us. That becomes our focus. But, so often, it takes our focus off of the actual thing we want to do. For example, in this episode, we discussed kitchen accessibility. If we are too worried about how to make the kitchen accessible, we won't get to focus on the fun we can have in the kitchen. So, let's all work together on  making the lives we live as accessible as possible so that we can enjoy our lives to the fullest!