5 Cooking Tips for the VIP [Video]

[Video] 5 Cooking Tips for the VIP

Cooking can be a lot of fun and a great activity to share together. But, when you are visually impaired, it is important to be prepared to cook those tasty meals. Here are five tips to make the most out of meal time!

List of Tips

1. Get some help from a sighted supporter.

I know we all want to be independent, but sometimes it's just nice to ask a sighted person for a little help. Even if it is just reading the back of a box, it can sure save some time!

2. Measure everything before cooking.

This can make things so much simpler at the time of cooking. Having everything measured out before starting can save you time and a lot of hassle!

3. Get all your ingredients out before you start.

Don't you hate it when you are searching around the fridge or pantry for something for what seems like an hour? Save yourself the headache at the time of cooking and just pull it all out before. For cold times, just have a special place in the fridge where they will all be placed and tell your family, “Hands off!”

4. Get you recipe where you can access it easily.

Whether this means making it large print or pulling it up on a tablet, just get it where you can follow it easily. Nothing worse than struggling to remember if it said 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon!

5. Don't worry if it flops – just order a pizza!

Finally, stuff happens. Even if your cooking doesn't go as planned, learn to let it go and just order the pizza. Remember, even the greatest cooks in the worlds have bad ones now and then. That's why God made delivery! lol…


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