021: From Anguish to Activism – One Mother’s Story

[Podcast] From Anguish to Activism: One Mother's Story - Episode #21

When a doctor starts off a conversation about your college aged son with, “I don't think he has a brain tumor, but…”, it can be pretty unnerving. However, this is how the journey of sight loss began for my guest this week, Lissa Poincenot. Join me as Lissa and I discuss how she found out her son was having trouble seeing, what the first few months were like and how their lives have been forever altered.

My Guest This Week

Lissa Poincenot (pronounced Poin Seh No) is a California resident with a unique story of tragedy, transition and triumph. She shares how her son began losing his sight, what that experience was like for her and how this has forever altered the future for her and her family. Listen to today's episode to hear:

  • When Lissa's son first mentioned sight issues
  • The fears Lissa had during the first few months of sight loss
  • What she means when she describes the experience as “brutal”
  • How Lissa (and her son) found help for working through things
  • The disease Lissa's son has and how it affects her family
  • Lissa's journey as a “junior doctor”
  • And so much more!

Please visit LHON.org to find more information on Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy and the work that Lissa is doing!

Personal Coaching

If you are looking for someone to walk through this journey of sight loss in a more personal way, that is what I am hear for. I offer coaching services for individuals and families to help answer questions, wade through emotions and find clarity on this road. If you are interested, please visit my coaching page for more info and to sign up for a session with me. I'm excited to work with you!

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