Need Encouragement? Be Encouraging

[Blog Post[ Need Encouragement? Be Encouraging

It’s no secret that we could all use some encouragement from time to time. With all of the hard things that we face on a daily basis, it’s nice to have someone give us an encouraging word that helps to lift up our day. But, all too often, we look for others to do all […]

It’s the Little Things I Miss

[Blog Post] It's the Little Things I Miss

Being someone who has gone from sighted to visually impaired, I often get asked what is the hardest part. More specifically, people will ask what I miss the most. Like many people, I usually say something like driving, which is the most common answer people give. But, I was thinking about it the other day, […]

Enjoying Your Fancy Dinner with Family

[Blog Post] Tips on Enjoying Your Fancy Dinner with Family

In the United States, November is the month where we celebrate Thanksgiving. It is to remember the Pilgrims coming to America and all that jazz. But, most importantly, it is about three main things: Football, a huge parade and eating. In fact, the eating part is so important, we invite people we only see once […]

How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

[Blog Post] How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

It is inevitable that you will be asked many questions after losing your sight. To be honest, I don’t really mind them for the most part. Things like, “How much can you see?” or “How did you lose your sight?” are opportunities to teach people things about vision loss, being blind and was it’s really […]

How Sight Loss Can Separate You

[Blog Post] How Sight Loss Can Separate You

Sight loss can bring on so many things in your life. It would be an understatement to suggest that things will change once you lose your vision. From learning new skills to adapting to the world around you, it can be somewhat overwhelming. One such change may not be so apparent outwardly, but it is […]

Tips on Greeting a VIP

[Blog Post] Tips on Greeting a Visually Impaired Person

It is no secret that I love hanging out with people. Whether it is going out for coffee, hanging out a a friend’s house or attending a special event, being around people gives me engird. While this may not be the case for everyone, it is inevitable that you will interact with people on a […]

Can You Become TOO Dependent?

[Blog Post] Can You Become Too Dependent?

One thing that most people going through sight loss face is the idea of having to be dependent on others. Whether it is being driven around or having a menu read to them, it can be hard to learn how to depend on other people. However, it is possible for us to inadvertently become so […]

What DOESN’T Change After Sight Loss

[Blog Post] What Doesn't Change After Sight Loss

Anyone who goes through sight loss will know that so many things change. Your life can truly look totally different after you or someone you know loses their sight for whatever reason. I have spoken many times about changes that take place and will most likely continue to speak about those changes in the future. […]