What is Compassion Fatigue? [Video]

[Video] Compassion fatigue and how it affects the sighted supporter

Compassion fatigue is something that affects people who have a dedicated role in helping people. This could be a nurse, EMT, therapist or a variety of other jobs. Or, it could be someone who is taking care of someone else, like a loved one who is dying. But, it can also happen to a person […]

037: Holding on to Hope – Thoughts from a Therapist

[Podcast] Holding on to Hope: Thoughts from a Therapist - Episode 37

If it is one thing I am sure of, it is that people need help and support after losing their sight. Whether you are the sighted supporter or the VIP, everyone can use a helping hand and listening ear from time to time. Today I am joined by Sarah Clark, a local mental health counselor […]

036: Adjustments that Sighted Supporters Have to Make After Sight Loss

[Podcast] Adjustments that Sighted Supporters Have to Make After Sight Loss - Episode 36

It’s no shock that things change when you lose your sight. And, as we’ve said before, the sighted supporters go through a lot of changes as well. In today’s episode, I’m joined again by my wonderful wife, April, to discuss some of the smaller adjustments that sighted supporters have to go through on a very […]

031: Benefits of Therapy or Counseling After Sight Loss

[Podcast] Benefits of Therapy & Counseling After Sight Loss - Episode 31

One word that many people are afraid of is “therapy.” We have this idea that there must be something severely wrong with us if we need therapy. Others don’t want people “telling them how they feel.” But, the reality is that therapy or counseling can be so beneficial to individuals and families, especially after someone […]

Can You Become TOO Dependent?

[Blog Post] Can You Become Too Dependent?

One thing that most people going through sight loss face is the idea of having to be dependent on others. Whether it is being driven around or having a menu read to them, it can be hard to learn how to depend on other people. However, it is possible for us to inadvertently become so […]

025: Traveling Tips for the VIP and Sighted Supporter

[Podcast] Traveling Tips for the VIP and Sighted Supporter - Episode 25

I love going on vacation. And, most likely, you do to. But, sight loss can make those vacation plans a little bit different. Not only for the VIP but for the sighted supporter as well. Keeping that in mind, I’m joined again by my wonderful wife to discuss our adventures traveling with and without kids […]

021: From Anguish to Activism – One Mother’s Story

[Podcast] From Anguish to Activism: One Mother's Story - Episode #21

When a doctor starts off a conversation about your college aged son with, “I don’t think he has a brain tumor, but…”, it can be pretty unnerving. However, this is how the journey of sight loss began for my guest this week, Lissa Poincenot. Join me as Lissa and I discuss how she found out […]

014: How Relationships Can Be Affected After Sight Loss

[Podcast] How Relationships Can Be Affected After Sight Loss - Episode 14

Relationships are a vital part of life. From parents and children to husbands and wives, relationships help to shape us and make us who we are. But, when one of the people in a relationship goes through sight loss, it can drastically affect the dynamics of each person. Sometimes this can be a good things […]