Logitech Smart Keyboard Review [Video]

[Video] Logitech Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro

I’ve talked about using a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad to help navigate the device. But, with the smart connector on the iPad Pro, you can have the next step up in this regard. Enter the Logitech CREATE Smart Keyboard. Similar to Apple’s offering but cheaper and very nice, the CREATE keyboard is very nice […]

DisneyWorld Audio Description Device [Video]

[Video] Disney World's Audio Description Device

I have mentioned before how much I love audio descritpion. But, did you know they had device for Disney World parks? I recently had the opportunity to try out this very unique device as my wife and I traveled to the “house of mouse.” Watch this video as I provide informaion about the device, images, […]

How to Better Use Flat Panels [Video]

[Video] How to Better Access Flat Panles in Your Home

Things like microwaves, stoves and washing machines have come a long way. They are now more digital and easier to use. Well, for the most part. The new, fancy versions have replaces buttons and knobs with flat panels. While sleek looking, they aren’t easy to use for visually impaired people. But, with a very simple, […]