045: Looking at Sight Loss Through the Eyes of a Child

[Podcast] Looking at Sight Loss Through the Eyes of a Child - Episode 45

In life, children have an uncanny ability to ask simple questions that help us get to the heart of the matter. And, when it comes to sight loss, this can certainly be the case. In today’s episode, we’ll take a look at a few questions children might ask about someone in their lives losing sight […]

Seeing AI is a fantastic app for the iPhone and iPad! They recently had a pretty big update, so I thought I'd share my friend Sam's video so you could find out what all it can do now! Check out Sam's Channel by clicking here!

Logitech Smart Keyboard Review [Video]

[Video] Logitech Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro

I’ve talked about using a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad to help navigate the device. But, with the smart connector on the iPad Pro, you can have the next step up in this regard. Enter the Logitech CREATE Smart Keyboard. Similar to Apple’s offering but cheaper and very nice, the CREATE keyboard is very nice […]

043: Life Isn’t Always About Sight Loss

[Podcast] Life Isn't Always About Sight Loss - Episode 43

All too often after losing your sight, it is easy to imagine the sight loss being the only thing you think about. It takes over every part of your life and faults you from focusing on much else. But, the truth is that life simply isn’t always about your sight loss. On today’s episode, we’ll […]

042: Dealing with a Sighted Unsupporter in Your Life

[Podcast] Dealing with the Sighted Unsupporter In Your Life - Episode 42

We often talk about the sighted supporters in our lives. Whether they are parents, spouses or close friends, it is so helpful to have people who walk alongside of us during our journey. But, what happens when those people become unsupportive or even downright negative towards you? While there is no quick fix, in this […]

039: How Your Routines Are Affected After Sight Loss

[Podcast] How Your Routines Can Be Affected After a Sight Loss - Episode 39

Humans are creatures of habit. There are certain things we like and specific ways we do things. Whether it is is morning routine or how we like to relax, we all have habits we have formed over the years. But, when experiencing sight loss. those habits and routines can be affected in major ways. In […]