041: Discussing Different Definitions of Grief

[Podcast] Discussing Different Definitions of Grief - Episode 41

When going through something like sight loss, it is expected that we will experience grief. After all, anytime we experience loss, grief is not far behind. But, what is grief exactly? In today's episode, we will take a look at three different definitions of grief to help us understand it a little bit better. PLUS, I'll give you some advice on dealing with fear of going out and living life.

Question of the Week

Question: What should I do if I am afraid to even go outside and take a walk?

Answer: There's no great simple answer for this one. But, the thing I can tell you is to take small steps each day. Make a goal and then reach it. It doesn't have to be something huge. Just something as simple as walking to your mailbox and back is enough at first. Then, just start expanding your reach. Below is a video I did on this topic, so check it out!

Defining Our Grief

An image of a man with his head in his hands surrounded by words including loss, despair, sorrow and grief.

I recently reviewed an eBook from an organization called the Grief Recovery Method. They specialize in helping people deal with loss in their lives in a variety of ways. The topic of this eBook was offering different definitions of grief. As I read through them, I thought there were some powerful insights worth sharing with you. So, I wanted to take a few minutes to dive into these definitions to see what we can learn about grief as it pertains to sight loss.

NOTE: Many times, these definitions are referring to situations of someone losing a loved one. However, I do still think many of the principals apply to us going through sight loss.

  1. “Grief is the normal and natural emotional reaction to loss or change ofany kind. Of itself, grief is neither a pathological condition nor apersonality disorder.”
  2. “Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.”
  3. “Grief is the feeling of reaching out for someone who’s always beenthere, only to discover when I need them one more time, they are no longer there.”

Make sure to listen to the entire episode as I dive deeper into each one of these definitions!

Word of the Week


There are a couple different definitions of this word I want to look at today. The first is “(of an emotion) overpower or overwhelm.” Grief, along with many other emotions we face after sight loss, can often feel like it is overwhelming us. We may say we are “overcome with grief”, which basically means we feel out of control. The other definition of this word is “succeed in dealing with (a problem or difficulty).” This one is sort of our answer back to the feeling of being overcome. We stand up against those feelings and work toward overcoming it. The reason I like this definition is because it says we have success in dealing with something. It doesn't say that thing is over now. It just means we are succeeding because we are dealing with it. Facing grief, sorrow, pain and hurt can be hard and make us feel like we are being overcome. But, just the very act of facing it means that we are beginning the process of taking back control of our situation and overcoming.

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