013: Discussing the Struggles We Face After Sight Loss

[Podcast] Discussing the Struggles We Face After Sight Loss - Episode 13

Even though I love having a positive attitude and try to look on the “sunny side of life”, the reality is that there are just hard times after losing your sight. From dealing with emotional issues to learning how to do new skills, we can face many struggles after our vision begins to take a hike. And, many times, we experience these struggles in silent, not wanting to appear weak or not knowing how to say it. Today, I am joined by Maria Johnson from the popular blogGirl Gone Blind” to discuss her journey of sight loss and provide some encouragement if you are facing these things.

My Guest This Week

Maria Johnson from Girl Gone BlindMaria Johnson an interesting person with an interesting story. She lost her sight later in life to the same disease that I have. But, she isn't letting that slow her down. She is a blogger, podcaster, fitness instructor and advocate to the visually impaired community. She has an uplifting personality but shares openly about her life. Her blog, Girl Gone Blind, which she started just months after losing sight, has had thousands of visitors and impacted many people.

You can find Maria on her website, on Facebook and on Twitter. Go check her out and say Derek sent you!

Episode Highlights

Maria and I have a great discussion about struggles we have both faced and ways we overcome them. Here are just a few tings you will find in today's episode:

  • Maria's story of sight loss
  • What puts Maria into a funk and how she gets out of it
  • The hardest part of sight loss from Maria's perspective
  • Insight on how and why to seek help from a therapist or counselor
  • Great advice from Maria if you are currently struggling with issues
  • And much more!

Staying Social

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2017-06-08 11:22:26
I love that this page exist. I struggle everyday with little things. But I have a great attitude. Have i got lost my sight gradually over the years due to glaucoma. I cook, bowl, travel and enjoy my friends. But sometimes i give in to my potty pot!
2017-06-15 12:55:33
Attitude is so important, especially during the harder moments. I love to bowl as well and have gotten better since sight loss! lol...Thanks for sharing!