008: Enjoying Entertainment After Losing Your Sight

[Podcast] Enjoying Entertainment After Sight Loss - Episode 8

One thing that is a huge part of our culture is entertainment. From movies and musicals to sports and recreation, we love to be entertained and enjoy life. But, sight loss can change the way we approach these things. However, it doesn't have to end us enjoying them all together. Today I am going to discuss a variety of entertainment choices and how to best make them work after losing your sight.

News & Updates

1. Having a Good Sense of Humor

A texas teen has a good sense of humor about his blindness. He posts random things about his vision loss on his Facebook. On of his friends reposts some screen shots and they have gone viral. Below is one such shot. He talks about everything from school to social security including a bit about taking his eyes out. I guess it goes to show that having a good sense of humor is truly invaluable.

Text in Picture: That moment you find out that one of your classes has

Text in Picture: That moment you find out that one of your classes has “map tests”, which means looking at a world map and pointing at countries. Hashtag PlasticEyeProblems

2. Young Basketball Fan Sees Game with Help from Team

A young Utah Jazz fan was able to watch his favorite team with the help of some high tech glasses. The Utah Jazz purchased these glassed, called e-Sight glasses, for the young man so that he could enjoy watching the game. His dad said he was able to read signs 100 yards away and see them making baskets. It a was a heartwarming gesture from the team to an important fan.

If you are interested in knowing more about e-Sight, here is a video from my friend Sam from the YouTube channel “The Blind Spot.” He gives a great review! Go and check him out and subscribe if you have's already!

3. Spotlight Interview on “Life After Blindness”

This week I was a featured guest on the “Life After Blindness” podcast with Tim Schwartz. We discussed my growing up years, my passions, my sight loss, what I am doing now and a lot more. Make sure to visit Tim at his website and listen to the episode. Plus, make sure to subscribe to his podcast as well!

Enjoying Some Entertainment

I love entertainment! I like movies, theater, and a host of other things. Sometimes after you lose your sight, your entertainment options can really go out the window…at least that's the way it feels. But, being entertained isn't just for sighted people. Let's take a look a few entertainment options and how you can enjoy even after sight loss!


One question I get a lot from sighted folks is, “Do you still go to movies?” I guess they assume that since movies are very visual, I just don't go. But, that just isn't true. I love going to the movies! Ok, so it is mostly of the insanely expensive popcorn, but I still love it! And, the fact that audio description has become very mainstream, it makes the movie going experience so much better! Here are some tips on movie going:

Lots of movie theaters have A D now, but it is always a good idea to call ahead to double check. Then, when you get there, make sure to ask for the A D and explain what it is again if you have to. They have headphones for hard of hearing people, so you don't want those! Also, bring your own set of earbuds as the headphones they provide aren't that great. That way, you can plug one earbud in and hear the description really well!

Live Theater

Now, this one is close to my heart. I love plays, musicals and all that goes along with it. As a performer myself, I so enjoy going to the theater. And, like the movies, often times you can find audio description for these productions.

Call your local theaters and ask about it. The bigger ones will usually be more likely to have it. Sometimes it is prerecorded and sometimes they will have a person there doing it live. They might have a set performance with description, so check and see about that also. And, occasionally, they will have accessible seating that is closer in case you have low vision. Don't be afraid to ask!


Going to the museum can be exciting and educational all at the same time. But, for us VIPs, it can be challenging, especailly at an art museum. But, never fear! Just like the previous options, there can be descriptive thus of the museum. Make sure to ask at the front desk area. Also, some museums have special exhibits where ou can feel the art as it is 3D, so make sure to look out for that also. Any opportunity you have to interact with the exhibits is always a good time. That's why I like the children's museum so much! But, at any rate, there are ways to enjoy a museum, even one that seems very visual.


Going to a ballgame is part of our DNA as a country. Having tailgates, eating hot dogs and cheering on your favorite team is all part of the fun. But, actually watching the game can be difficult. One thing you might be able to do is check to see if it is being aired on a local radio station. If so, you might be able to download an app for the station and listen to it while at the game. That way, you are keeping up with the action with everyone else. And, remember, it's not just about the game, it is about the fun you are having with others!

If watching the game is important, maybe stay at home and watch it with friends if possible. That way, you can see what is happening and still get the enjoyment of the time with friends!

Time at Home

Speaking of staying home, there are lots of ways to be entertained at home. Things like card games, board games, art and watching movies are all great ways to spend a rainy Saturday. And there are accessible options for all of these. Maxi Aids is a great place to go to find accessible games for your family.Plus, you can find your own ways to make things happen and enjoy yourself with your family!

Don't Limit Yourself

Just because you have lost sight doesn't mean you can enjoy things and be entertained. It just means you might have to do things a little bit differently! I've given you a few ideas, but maybe you have some great ways as well. I'd love to hear about them, so fee free to contact me or share them in the comments below!

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To me, music is entertainment – what else can it be? In fact, it's the only language I know of that's universal. -Ray Charles

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