023: False Beliefs We Have After Sight Loss

[Podcast] False Beliefs We Have After Sight Loss - Episode #23

After someone goes through a tragic event, they can experience many things emotionally and mentally. This is especially true when a person loses their sight. It can make them feel very lost and alone, almost as if their whole life has been forever cursed. In fact, they can start believing things about themselves and their situation that are, to put it bluntly, not true. Today we'll look at a few of those false beliefs, where they come from, why they are't true and what to do about them.

Question of the Week

Question: Should I accept my blindness and move on or keep pursuing a treatment and/or cure?

Answer: I have heard different people ask this question in different ways. Some people would say they should simply accept that they are blind and move on. Others say they should never stop looking for a cure and don't accept this as defeat. However, I think a person can do both.

While it is hard to imagine, the reality that when you lose your sight, your life will change. I think you can accept this reality and start working to adapt to things. This could mean learning new skills, like Orientation and Mobility, all the way to speaking with a professional about the emotions you face. I also think that while you are doing this, you can hold on to hope that there will be a cure or treatment for your condition just over the horizon. Searching different sites and speaking to medical professionals will help you stay in the loop about potential treatments that might assist you in the future.

Acceptance does not mean defeat. It simply means that you are facing your “new normal” with boldness and leaning to live as a VIP, all while holding on to hope for a potential cure.

False Beliefs

Let's face it. Everyone has false beliefs about who they are and their situation. I like to call them your “core lies.” (That's not a term I came up with.) It just means that they longer you believe these lies, the deeper it affects you. The following are just a few lies that can creep in on you after losing your sight:

  1. I am useless.
  2. People would be better off without me.
  3. I'll never be an effective (fill the blank) anymore.
  4. I am a burden on everyone around me.
  5. My life is over.

These are all FALSE and I cannot stress that enough. Please take a listen to the podcast to get more details on each one of these.

What is the truth?

Someone once said that the “truth will set you free.” This is such a great statement. But, what does it mean? Well, in the simplest of terms, it means that knowing what the truth is about you and your circumstances will help break you free from a cycle of depression, fear, anger and much more. (NOTE: Be aware that I am not suggesting that listening to this podcast episode will set you free. It takes a pursued focus on your part with the potential for outside help from others, including professionals like counselors and mentors.)

The TRUTH is that your life ISN'T over. You are NOT useless. People would NOT be better off without you. You are an amazing person who just happens to be blind now. That doesn't change you at your core. Your identity is still in tact. To learn more about your identity, check out Episode #10 of the podcast.

 Trending Tech

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Word of the Week


This word means “the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.” You might think of a gift you get. Or maybe a job being offered to you. But, in this context, we are talking about the loss of sight. I know it seems weird to refer to sight loss as “something offered” to you. But, when we can accept that our lives have changed, we can truly start to move forward. If we can accept the truth set before us, it will change the way we view ourselves and those around us. Acceptance isn't giving up or giving in. On the contrary! It is stating that you are going to face this thing head on and never give up!