011: Interacting with the Sighted Community

[Podcast] Interacting with the Sighted Community - Episode 11

We live in a  very sighted world. Simple tasks like crossing the street or reading a menu at a restaurant are taken for granted by the sighted community. They are unsure of how a blind person gets around and lives a regular life. And, they will often say some rather “interesting” things to us as VIPs. In today's episode, I'm joined by my friend Sam, who is a fellow YouTuber, to discuss a few of these things and offer some advice on how to respond in these situations.

My Guest This Week

Sam Seavey from The Blind Spot on YoutubeSam Seavey has been on YouTube for a few years now, spending a positive message and helping the VIP community learn and grow. He looks at life in a very unique way and has a ton of wisdom to offer. I have learned so much from him in the short time we have been friends. Sam shares more of his story in today's episode. Special thanks to him for being a part of the podcast!

Links for Sam

Make sure to visit Sam on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter! You can also send him an email by clicking here!

Episode Highlights

Sam and I discuss a lot of things in this week's episode. Here are just a few of the things you can expect:

  • Comments you might get if you aren't completely blind
  • Questions that you get asked about your sight impairment
  • Stories you will hear if you have a guide dog
  • Why tone of voice is as important as what you say
  • Why responding in kindness is really important
  • Funny stories about our own personal experiences with sighted people
  • Personal information about Sam and his channel
  • And much more!

After Hours

Make sure to check out this week's edition of “After Hours” as Sam sticks around to discuss a few more interatios with the sighted community. We discuss the possibility of being accused of faking our blindness. We get a little philosophical. Plus, Sam gives a great trick on how to have a little fun with sighted folks. So, make sure to sign up below to get instant access and listen to this edition of “After Hours.”

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