020: How Joy and Sadness Can Happen at the Same Time

[Podcast] How Joy and Sorrow Can Happen at the Same Time - Episode #20

After a person goes through a tragic event like losing their sight, emotions like sorrow and sadness can really be overwhelming. It can even seem like that is the only thing we will experience for a long time. But, the reality is that emotions like joy and happiness are actually happening all around us in the midst of the sadness and sorrow. In this week's podcast episode, we'll take a look at a couple of stories that illustrate how people can experience both pure joy and deep sorrow and have it happen at the exact same time.

Question of the Week

Question: As a blind parent, how do you stay organized around the house?

Answer: Staying organized is so important. Whether in the kitchen or the bedroom knowing where things are can really help keep the headaches away. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • First, for kids, get some type of bin for them to keep things in. This could be a basket, box or plastic tub. Get a few and keep certain toys in certain bins. (i.e. Cars in one, Barbies in another, etc.) Use them in their room and in other areas, like the living room.
  • Keep kid related food in specific place in the fridge and pantry. If they can reach them and open them themselves, make sure they are accessible. That way, you'll know how many are missing when you go to the store!
  • For older kids, have them separate their clothes into separate hampers for laundry. Something like colors, white and delicates might be a good place to start.

Whatever you do, find ways that work for your family and go for it!

Joy and Sorrow intermingle

I know in my own life, there are have been plenty of times of joy and sorrow both. Often, we assume they happen at different times. But, they actually can take place side by side, sort of like a side car on a motorcycle.

Listen to the podcast to hear about:

  • A famous Christian author's story of triumph and tragedy
  • A young man who is losing sight yet has a great thing happening as well
  • How overcoming the sorrow is a process
  • How feeling happy in the midst of sadness is really possible
  • And more!

Notable News: Seeing A.I.

A new app has come out recently from Microsoft of all people called seeing A.I. It is an iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod only at this point) that helps read short text, documents, identify products and more. My good friend Sam from the Blind Spot did a great video about this app that you can watch below. Needless to say, it seems like a fantastic app that will be very helpful. And the best part is….IT'S FREE!

Word of the Week


Whether it is the process of losing your sight, the evolution of the development of an app, of learning how to best have an organized house, everything is a process. Remember this as you go along because it will help you to realize that you may not have it all figured out today, but that is ok. You'll get even closer tomorrow!

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