043: Life Isn’t Always About Sight Loss

[Podcast] Life Isn't Always About Sight Loss - Episode 43

All too often after losing your sight, it is easy to imagine the sight loss being the only thing you think about. It takes over every part of your life and faults you from focusing on much else. But, the truth is that life simply isn't always about your sight loss. On today's episode, we'll talk about that and some other things that we can focus on. PLUS, we are talking technology in this week's edition of “Coaching Corner”, talking about a new way to offer up your thoughts on the podcast and more!

Coaching Corner

NOTE: For those of you who have listened to the podcast for a while now, you'll notice that this is a new section. However, it is basically the “Question of the Week” with a new coat of paint. So, fear not! Please continue to send in your questions to the show by way of email, twitter or by voicemail at 317-721-1027!

Today we take a look at the topic of Technology, specifically looking at accessing voicemail on the iPhone. It can be a tricky one, but make sure to listen to the episode as I'll go through using it and a couple of tips!

More to Life

On my Youtube channel, I have made a couple of videos discussing how life isn't always about sight loss. In this podcast episode, I'd like to dive into what that really means and some examples of things that don't necessarily have anything to do with sight loss and being visually impaired.

  1. Favorite Foods
  2. Taste in Music
  3. Cheering for Your Favorite Sports Team
  4. Building Relatiosnhips
  5. Your Sense of Humor

Make sure to listen to the entire episode as I'll dive deeper into each topic!

Let's Hear from You

As I say so often, I LOVE hearing from you! Whether you have questions, comments or just want to say “Hello!”, it is an honor to get to share in your life. So, to that end, I've got a new way to get in touch with me! And, this time, I get to hear your voice instead of you just listening to mine!

I've set up a voicemail line where you can call in, leave a message for me and potentially have it played on the podcast. So, if you have a question or comment, please dial in and leave a clear message so I can get you involved in the conversation each week!

The phone number is 317-721-1027. It will take you straight to voicemail, so be prepared when you call. Here are a couple o things to remember:

  • Make sure to speak clearly so we can understand you.
  • Please specify if you would like to be featured on the podcast at the beginning or end of your message.
  • Introduce yourself however you would like. For example, you can just say, “Hey Derek, this is Jim” and go on with the message.
  • Be aware that I will edit the messages to keep them brief and to cut off unwanted sounds, but I will keep your core message intact.

Please take time to give me a call and let me know your thoughts! I look forward to hearing from you!

Now It's Your Turn!

Each time I make a video on my Youtube channel, I always end it with a question. It is a way to keep you involved and help you share your perspective. So, I am going to try and do that on the podcast now as well. So, now it is your turn!

Our question this week is this: What is one area of your life where sight loss truly takes a backseat and you just enjoy what is going on!

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