Interesting Way to Think About Grief [Video]

[Video] An Interesting Way to Think About Grief

I recently did a podcast episode (link below) about some different definitions of grief. I thought I would take a minute to share one of the definitions with you. I find it interesting to look at it from this perspective and I hope you will too!   YOUR TURN! Question: Have you ever experienced grief […]

042: Dealing with a Sighted Unsupporter in Your Life

[Podcast] Dealing with the Sighted Unsupporter In Your Life - Episode 42

We often talk about the sighted supporters in our lives. Whether they are parents, spouses or close friends, it is so helpful to have people who walk alongside of us during our journey. But, what happens when those people become unsupportive or even downright negative towards you? While there is no quick fix, in this […]

Staying Involved in the Holidays [Video]

[Video] Staying Involved in the Holidays

I’ve heard it said that Christmas is the “most wonderful time of the year.” And, that might be true. But, when you lose your sight, it can be hard. In today’s video, I’ll share how you can stay involved with the Christmas season and why it is important! MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MY FAMILY TO YOURS!

041: Discussing Different Definitions of Grief

[Podcast] Discussing Different Definitions of Grief - Episode 41

When going through something like sight loss, it is expected that we will experience grief. After all, anytime we experience loss, grief is not far behind. But, what is grief exactly? In today’s episode, we will take a look at three different definitions of grief to help us understand it a little bit better. PLUS, […]

Tip on Purchasing Presents for Your VIP [Video]

[Video] Tip on Purchasing Presents for the VIP in Your Life

It’s that time of year again! Time to break out the eggnog and ugly sweaters. Yep, it’s Christmas time and that means giving gifts. Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you will most likely get a gift for someone in your life at some point. And, if you have someone with a vision […]

040: Gift Giving Ideas for the VIP in Your Life

[Podcast] Gift Giving Ideas for the VIP in Your Life - Episode 40

With Christmas right around the corner, you are most likely thinking of purchasing some presents for people in your life. But, if you have someone who is visually impaired that you are close to, you might wonder what to get them. So, in this week’s episode, I’ve got a few tips on how to approach […]

039: How Your Routines Are Affected After Sight Loss

[Podcast] How Your Routines Can Be Affected After a Sight Loss - Episode 39

Humans are creatures of habit. There are certain things we like and specific ways we do things. Whether it is is morning routine or how we like to relax, we all have habits we have formed over the years. But, when experiencing sight loss. those habits and routines can be affected in major ways. In […]