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If you are a person who's life has been directly affected by physical sight loss, then this is the podcast for you! Whether you are the VIP (Visually Impaired Person) or a Sighted Supporter, LASLR is the place to find encouragement and information on discovering life after sight loss. Join host Derek Daniel as he shares his experience and insights from the last 15+ years of being visually impaired. This is more than just how to be blind…it is discovering life!

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Podcast Archive
# Title Released
48 Understanding and Managing Compassion Fatigue in Sighted Supporters 02/14/2018
47 Things to Consider When Your Are Planning to Move 02/07/2018
46 What to Do Today If You Lost Your Sight Yesterday 01/24/2018
45 Looking at Sight Loss Through the Eyes of a Child 01/17/2018
44 Taking A Look Behind the Scenes of the Podcast 01/10/2018
43 Life Isn’t Always About Sight Loss 01/03/2018
42 Dealing with a Sighted Unsupporter in Your Life 12/27/2017
41 Discussing Different Definitions of Grief 12/20/2017
40 Gift Giving Ideas for the VIP in Your Life 12/13/2017
39 How Your Routines Are Affected After Sight Loss 12/06/2017
38 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays After Sight Loss 11/29/2017
37 Holding on to Hope – Thoughts from a Therapist 11/22/2017
36 Adjustments that Sighted Supporters Have to Make After Sight Loss 11/15/2017
35 Questions to Help You Win the “White Cane War” 11/08/2017
34 Learning to Be Thankful Even After Sight Loss 11/01/2017
33 Dealing with the Pain without Avoiding Life 10/25/2017
32 Physical Activities for Visually Impaired People 10/18/2017
31 Benefits of Therapy or Counseling After Sight Loss 10/11/2017
30 What to Do When Life Isn’t Accessible 10/04/2017
29 5 Things I’d Say to My 18 Year Old Self 09/27/2017
28 Technology That Has Changed the Life of the VIP 09/20/2017
27 Why Sight Loss Really is the End of the World 09/13/2017
26 Ways Fear Can Impact Your Life 09/06/2017
25 Traveling Tips for the VIP and Sighted Supporter 08/30/2017
24 Simple Items to Help You in the Kitchen 08/23/2017
23 False Beliefs We Have After Sight Loss 08/16/2017
22 Mobile Apps for the Visually Impaired Person 08/09/2017
21 From Anguish to Activism – One Mother’s Story 08/02/2017
20 How Joy and Sadness Can Happen at the Same Time 07/26/2017
19 Examples of Low and High Tech for the Visually Impaired 07/19/2017
18 5 Myths About Being Visually Impaired 07/12/2017
17 5 Things Sighted Supporters Feel But Don’t Say 07/05/2017
16 Resources for People After Losing Their Sight 06/28/2017
15 An Introduction to the World of Guide Dogs 06/21/2017
14 How Relationships Can Be Affected After Sight Loss 06/14/2017
13 Discussing the Struggles We Face After Sight Loss 06/07/2017
12 The Art of Parenting as a Visually Impaired Person 05/31/2017
11 Interacting with the Sighted Community 05/24/2017
10 Finding Your Identity After You Lose Your Sight 05/17/2017
9 The Ups and Downs of Being a Sighted Supporter 05/10/2017
8 Enjoying Entertainment After Losing Your Sight 05/03/2017
7 What Can I Do For Work As A Visually Impaired Person? 04/26/2017
6 When Do I Tell Someone That I Am Visually Impaired? 04/19/2017
5 Are You Blind, Legally Blind or Visually Impaired? 04/12/2017
4 How Being Embarrassed Can Mess With Your Mind 04/05/2017
3 The 5 Stages of Grief in Relation to Sight Loss 03/29/2017
2 The Most Accessible Ways of Watching TV 03/21/2017
1 Getting to Know Me & the Podcast 03/17/2017