039: How Your Routines Are Affected After Sight Loss

[Podcast] How Your Routines Can Be Affected After a Sight Loss - Episode 39

Humans are creatures of habit. There are certain things we like and specific ways we do things. Whether it is is morning routine or how we like to relax, we all have habits we have formed over the years. But, when experiencing sight loss. those habits and routines can be affected in major ways. In this episode, we'll take a look at just a few moments in your life where sight loss can alter your normal routines. Plus, a great question about dealing with headaches and a brief look at the iPhone 8 Plus!

Question of the Week

Question: I struggle with headaches since losing my sight. What are some ways to deal with the pain?

Answer: First of all, a disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Any advice I have for you is strictly based on my own experience. Please seek out advice from your medical professional.

Since losing my sight, I have found that I deal with headaches on a very routine basis. There not always migrate level, but just sort of there in the background. I wrote a blog post on dealing with headaches a while back where I highlighted a few ways to cope with  them. Make sure to check out the full blog post, but here are the highlights:

  1. Medication
  2. Rest/Naps
  3. Screen Reader over Magnification
  4. Close Your Eyes

Creatures of Habit

Think about your day. Do you have certain things you do at certain times? Maybe you always have your coffee in the morning first thing. Maybe you like to catch a TV show each week. Perhaps you have your desk set up a certain way. Whatever the case is, we all have routines that we fall into. However, sight loss can really mess that up. It doesn't mean that we have to lose our routines, but they can certainly be affected in various ways. Hey are just a few routines that might change after sight loss:

  1. Sleeping Patterns
  2. Hygiene Habits
  3. Recreational Activities
  4. Doing Your Job
  5. Relational Interactions

Make sure to listen to the episode as I dive deep on each area!

Tech Tip

I recently got an upgrade my cell phone. I decided to go with the iPhone 8 Plus. If you rein the market to upgrade or just want to know more about it, I've recently made a video about the 8 Plus ginkgo you an overview of the product. Plus, I answer the question of why I didn't get the iPhone X (10) instead. You can check out that video below! Enjoy! And, make sure to subscribe on my Youtube channel to get all my latest videos!

Word of the Week


The meaning of this week's word is “keep (something) in place; hold fixed.” When our routines are affected, it can be difficult. We often want to hold on tight to how we did things when we were sighted. Most often, this is just because we so badly want something to remain the same. It helps us cope with all the other changes. But, when we struggle so hard to retain our “sighted life” it can put a real strain on us and halt us from moving forward. While I'm not suggesting it will be easy, I encourage you to embrace the changes and do your best to form new routines as you “new normal” begins.

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