027: Why Sight Loss Really is the End of the World

[Podcast] Why Sight Loss Really is the End of the World - Episode 27

When you ask someone who is visually impaired for some good advice, one common thing they will tell you is that “isn't not the end of the world.” This statement is true in one sense, but I actually think it disregards the idea that something is coming to an end in your life. In this episode, we'll talk about the idea of certain things coming to a conclusion PLUS a tip on taking notes during a class or meeting.

Question of the Week

Question: What's a good way of taking notes during a lecture or meeting?

Answer: Taking notes is always tricky. It's no longer as simple as taking a pen and notebook and writing down ideas. You have to do a little bit of prep work. There are products that allow you to write in a special notebook which will transfer that page into an app. However, this requires you to be able to zoom in and see what you wrote. My suggestion is to get a bluetooth keyboard and sync it with your phone or tablet. That way, you can type notes into a program like Evernote and go back and review them later. Even if you aren't a perfect typist, you can at least review and edit later. And, if you have an iPhone, a bluetooth keyboard will allow you to control VoiceOver as well. Check out the video below for some more info on using a bluetooth keyboard with an iPad!

End of the World…As We Know It

I've been told and told many people that sight loss isn't the “end of the world.” This is a true statement at its core. However, I've come to realize over these years that sight loss is the end of something. Think about when you have other transitions in life, good or bad. For example.

  1. Death of a Loved One
  2. Moving to a New City
  3. Losing Your Job
  4. Having a Baby
  5. Getting Married

All these situations cause you to transition the “normal” in your life. It's not always bad, just different. Sight loss can be the same way. Listen as I discuss how losing sight creates conclusion in one or more parts of our lives.

Word of the Week


This word means the “end of an event or process.” Think of the taking notes example. There is a conclusion to how you take notes, but not a conclusion to taking notes altogether. I like the word instead of “ending” as that seems more final. To conclude an event doesn't mean everything else around it is over. It simply means something has come to a close, whether it is an activity or simply the way you do that activity.