044: Taking A Look Behind the Scenes of the Podcast

[Podcast] A Look Behind the Scenes of the Podcast - Episode 44

Each and every week, I do my best to bring you great value on the podcast. But, you might be wondering what the nuts and bolts are of making a podcast. Well, today, I want to peel back the curtain a little bit and let you in on how I make the show. More importantly, I want to show you how I adapt my process since I am visually impaired and how you can do the same for your passion.


A Look Inside the Podcast

A radio microphone with the text

I truly enjoy creating content each and every week for you! Whether I'm recording videos for Youtube or sitting down to make this podcast, I am so thrilled that I get to connect with you in this way. But, you might be wondering how I create this show week in and week out. So, I thought I'd take a few minutes to discuss how I get from a topic idea to you listening to this episode. I'll also share how I adapt my work flow since I am visually impaired. I hope you enjoy this lilies “behind the scenes” peek! Here are some tips we'll cover:

  • How I come up with a topic and do some research
  • What is involved with recording and editing the show
  • Creating show notes and graphics for each episode
  • The process of getting it out and marketing the show
  • The gear I am currently using (if you care about that)
  • And more!

Your Turn

Now that you've listened to me ramble on, it is your turn to talk! Answer the following question by sending me an email, tweeting me @thederekdaniel or dropping a voicemail at 317-721-1027!

Question: What is one thing that you enjoy doing that you have to adapt to continue?

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