009: The Ups and Downs of Being a Sighted Supporter

[Podcast] - Ups and Downs of Being a Sighted Supporter - Episode 9

When someone goes through sight loss, it can be difficult for that person. However, people often overlook the people around that person who are now sighted supporters. This new role can be just as confusing for them as it is for the new VIP. Today, I sit down with someone who has been a sighted supporter for nearly 16 years. She is a wife, mom and very important part of my life – my beautiful wife, April. We discuss the hard parts of being a sighted supporter, what a bad day looks like, an important thing to remember and much more!

My Guest This Week

My wife and I on our 10th anniversaryFor the first time on Life After Sight Loss Radio, I have a guest join me on the show. I think that it is very fitting that my first guest be someone that is so close to me and knows me better than anyone. She is a wife, mom, nurse and has been a sighted supporter for almost 16 years. That's right…it's my wife, April.

She has great insight into the life of a sighted supporter and offers her thoughts and opinions on this often overlooked topic!

Episode Highlights

April and I talk about a variety of thingn in this episode, including:

  • Our backstory
  • The transition from sighted to visually impaired
  • When she remembers it getting “real”
  • What a “bad day” looks like for her
  • The number one thing most sighted supporters feel
  • When she feels sad for me and why
  • Her great advice for sighted supporters
  • And so much more!

I want to give my guests on this podcasts all the time I can, so this episode will not have News or a Real Life Retweet.

After Hours

With this episode, I am starting something new and different. After we stopped recording the main podcast, April and I recorded a little longer. I am calling this time the “After Hours”, which is just a little more time for the guest and I to talk, laugh and enjoy the conversation. On this edition of “After Hours”, we talk about why self care is so important for the sighted supporter and give a few practical ways of doing that. Sign up below to get instant access to it…you won't want to miss it!

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