Tips on Being Social After Sight Loss [Video]

[Video] Tips on Being Social After Sight Loss

Whether you are the social butterfly at parties or you enjoy staying at home most nights, we all need time to connect with other people. But, after you go through sight loss, it can really affect how you go about this. Today, I've got a few tips for you on how you can get out there and meet some people and make connections! Enjoy!

A Few Tips

1. Don't Be Afraid

As Nike would say, just do it! Don't let the visual impairment hold you back. It can and most likely will be scaredy, but it is so great when you take that step and good things happen!

2. Join A Group

There are lots of ways to get connected by joining a group. Now, I don't just mean a visually impaired support group, although they are very important for you. I am discussing groups for interests you like. For example, you can go to to find groups in your area for lots of topics. Whether you like to knit, dance, read comics or go hiking, there is most likely a group you can join.

You could also join up with a group of people you may already be connected with. For example, perhaps there is a life group at your church. Or, maybe you have some neighbors that get together every week for dinner. Find things that you are already part of and see how you can dive deeper.

3. Talk to You Current Friends

Don't be afraid to be a burden on people. Call up someone you know to see if they want to grab lunch sometime. Maybe you get some friends together to go bowling. Whatever it is, just give it a shot. The worst they can say is no. And, I always appreciate my friends saying no because then I know that when they say yes, it is genuine and not just out of pity! And, if they say no to that date, just check another one. Be persistent!

Use the Power of the Internet

If local connections aren't working out, you can always jump online and build relationships there. There are so many groups, forums, and communities to be a part of. Find some folks that are involved in things you like and strike up a conversation! They might be across the world, but that is half the fun!

What are some ways you like to get involved? Share them in the comments!