Tips on Helping Kids with Homework [video]

[Video] Tips on Helping Kids with Homework

As the proud parent of two wonderful kids, I have the great pleasure of being part of very important parts of their lives. One such area is homework. But, as a visually impaired person, this can present some challenges. In this video, I've got a few tips for you so you can get involved with their after school activities!

Spelling Words and Smartphones

If your kids are like mine, they have a list of spelling words each week. This can be tricky to help them with since I can't see the paper. But, smartphone to the rescue! I just take a picture of their list and zoom in on the words. That way, I can give them in to them each night. Simple and very helpful!

White Board Mania

One of the hardest subjects for me is Math. Not just because I have a brain for English, but because it is a very visual subject. It can be hard to explain and make sense out of. So, what I do is grab a small white board (or dry erase board if you prefer) and go to town! I can write math problems, graphs and anything else that needs to be “seen.” This way, I can make sense of it all and help out my kids! (That is, until they are older and surpass my Math knowledge!)

Investment Pays Off

Lastly, and not near as practical, it is important to always get involved with what your kids are doing. Even though it is hard to see their homework and school projects, don't ever just sit it out. You kids will truly appreciate you just being there and a part of things, even if you can't always see it!

Pay It Forward

What about you? What things do you do to help your kids? As we are all learning this stuff together, let me know in the comments below! You can also share on Facebook or give us an idea on Instagram!