026: Ways Fear Can Impact Your Life

[Podcast] The Ways Fear Can Impact Your Life - Episode 26

One thing that can really grip us after sight loss is the feeling of fear. From being afraid to walk out the door to fearing what our life will be like, fear can really impact our lives in many ways. Today I've got a great story to illustrate that point PLUS answering a question about helping your child with emotions and more!

Question of the Week

Question: How do I help my elementary age child to deal with some of the emotions they are feeling while losing their sight?

Answer: This is a tough one. First, there is no magic fix for this. You simply have to be there every step of the way and do the best you can. One thing I would say is to help give you child language for what they are feeling. For example, they might say they are feeling scared. What they actually mean is they are feeling anxious, but they don't know that word. Try to ask them questions to determine which way to go. Things like having a knot in your stomach, rapid thoughts and fear of things around you can give you a clue as to what they are feeling.

Also, help to normalize what they are facing. Sight loss is tragic, yes. But, help them to realize they are not some freak. They are a normal child who just happens to not see as well. Every emtotion they face is a normal thing, so helping them to realize that can make a big difference!

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The Grips of Fear

Recently, I was on a trip with my family. The place we were visiting had escalators up and down. While waiting to go to a lower level, I noticed a little boy standing at the top of the escalator. He wasn't moving. His dad was walking back up the escalator trying to encourage him to come down. Imagine that scene with the dad ultimately getting nowhere both literally and figuratively.

It got me thinking about fear. This little boy was paralyzed by it. The unknown of the escalator had haunted him from moving. I know this feeling all too well. Fear can truly impact our lives after losing our sight. Here are just a few ways that happens.

  1. Fear of stepping into the unknown
  2. Becoming paralyzed by fear
  3. Being passed up by others
  4. Friends and family trying to encourage us to take the step

Make sure to listen to the full episode to get details on each ot these!

Word of the Week


The meaning of the word courage is “the ability to do something that frightens one.” You see, courage isn't NOT being afraid. It's being afraid and doing it anyway. Fear can either hold us back or cause us to be courageous. Even something as simple as going to the store on our own can give us a panic attack out of fear. But, taking that step will cause us to experience so many things and help us live a life of courage.

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