You Are Not A Waste

[Blog Post] You Are Not A Waste

There are many different types of blog posts that you can read. Some will do there best to teach you something. Others come up with a list of items for you to read through and remember. Still others seem to leave you pondering the universe and the mysteries of life. However, in this post, I have one message to speak: You are not a waste.

Now, why would I even think that someone considers themselves a waste? Well, think about the word waste. Here is one definition of the word:

eliminated or discarded as no longer useful or required after the completion of a process.

Let's take a minute to break that fancy sounding definition into an understandable idea that applies to us as people with sight loss.

First, it says that something is “eliminated or discarded.” Simply stated, it is thrown away. Secondly, it says that the thing is “no longer useful.” Another way to say that is that something is useless or provides no value. Finally, it says that this happens “after the completion of a process.” This implies that a moment took place that was an end of something else. So, let's rewrite this idea into a phrase connected to us:

I have been tossed aside because I no longer bring value to the people around me after losing my sight.

Does that sound more familiar? Have you ever had thoughts like that?

If you are like me and many other people, it would not be surprising at all that you would think this from time to time. After someone loses their sight, it is easy to “dumb down” all that they do into simple tasks that anyone else can do. And, those tasks can probably be done better by someone with sight. From driving the kids around to mowing the lawn, there are many things in life that all of us suddenly begin to define ourselves through. But, the truth is, we are not defined by these items.

Think about it. If someone asked you what the traits of a good parent are, would “driving kids to practices” make the top of the list? Probably not. It would be things like loving, caring, understanding, and so forth. Sighted people don't define themselves by their sight. So, why do we define ourselves by our lack of sight?

At the end of the day, we need to realized that our value is not wrapped up in what we can and can't do. It is internal. It is with us from the beginning. Therefore, we are not now nor will we ever be useless. And, if we are not useless, then we have purpose. And, if something in your house has purpose, you would not throw it away, right? So, say it with me:

You are not a waste.

Better yet, make it personal…

I am not a waste.

By the way, if you need a daily reminder, tell your smartphone the following: “Remind me everyday that I am not a waste.” That way, every morning, you'll be reminded just in case you forget. ¬†And, make sure to share this with someone who might be struggling with this idea as well.

If you need a little more personal walk through of these ideas, please visit my coaching page and sign up for a session with me. I look forward to connecting!