Your Journey is Your Own [Video]

[Video] Your Journey is Your Own

It is important to remember that sight loss is a journey. It is just as important to remember that that journey is your own. I don't mean you are doing it by yourself. I just mean that it will most likely look different for you than it dows for others. But, there are a few things to consider as you take this journey. You might think of them as guidelines of sorts, but just know that it is vital that you keep moving forward along this path you are taking.

Things to Remember

1. Don't harm yourself or others

This might look different for different people. It could be over eating, drug abuse, mental abuse and so roth. Just be sure to take care of yourself and others around you.

2. Deal with emotions you have head on.

It is crucial to face the things you are feeling head on. Trying to avoid them will only make it worse. Remember: even if it is hard, you still need to face it. Just keep moving forward.

3. Give yourself plenty of time.

There's no magical time frame of when you would be “over it.” Just give yourself grace and plenty of time in facing this tragedy in your life. (See this blog post for more information on how sight loss is a tragedy.)

4. Ask TRUSTED friends and family members for feedback.

People that you are close with will know you well. You can gather a lot of insight from them. But, just remember that these must be close and trusted friends and family members. Don't ask strangers about your coping strategies! lol…


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